What is Elba2035


What Future Awaits Isola d'Elba?

Elba 2035 is a collective envisioning project which Acqua dell'Elba began promoting in 2019 and was further enhanced this year by a prestigious partnership with EY (a global network providing professional management consultancy, corporate auditing, taxation and transaction services) coordinating the work at hand.

A unique initiative for Isola d'Elba, with a decidedly innovative and participatory approach, its aim is to collect ideas directly from the local territory in order to create a roadmap for the future of Isola d'Elba which is shared by the most important stakeholders of the island, from politics to culture, from environment to tourism and the education sector. The ultimate purpose: to elevate the quality of life for the island and its inhabitants, those of today as well as of tomorrow, by drafting the first Sustainability Manifesto for Isola d'Elba, a programmatic, concise document declaring the inhabitants' vision of the future for their own Island, focussed on sustainability and the achievement of the objectives set out in Agenda 2030.

During the initial phase of the project, students of the Istituto Superiore Raffaello Foresi were involved to produce interviews with 12 Visionaries from Elba and elsewhere (among whom the economist and ex-minister Enrico Giovannini, the CNR researcher and scientific populariser Francesco Petracchini, as well as the meteorologist Luca Mercalli, also a scientific populariser), whose contribution led to an image of the island in 2035, as well as to the definition of the main topics and key points forming the subject-matter of the encounters: Sustainable Tourism, Culture, Identity and Lifestyle, Environment and Beauty of the Local Territory.

Here following are the next steps to come:

  • 19 October (start date for the activities involving participating stakeholders)
  • 10 December (second intermediate milestone encounter)
  • 26 March (end of activities and finalisation of draft Sustainability Manifesto)

The organisation will also receive with pleasure any other idea or proposal the citizens may wish to advance by email at the address elba2035@acquadellelba.it

This year, #ELBA2035 has also officially become a feature of the schedule of events for the Festival of Sustainable Development promoted by ASviS, an Alliance for Sustainability reuniting over 270 among the most important institutions and networks of Italian civil society, a true reference point for any political and institutional initiative focussed on sustainability and the promotion of the objectives set out by Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

Indeed, Elba2035's debut among numerous events embellishing the Festival took place on the last 5th of October, through a presentation of the project during the Webinar "Elba 2035: a New Step Towards Sustainable Development".