The Sea Essence International Festival, this year in its fourth edition, is the first international festival dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the sea and its essence.

It is all about protecting its environment, its biodiversity and its species, but also its beauty, its history and its contribution to the growth of cultures and societies. Ultimately, it is about safeguarding and enhancing our human being.

Our mission is to make people love the sea, as it is only through a real, authentic passion like love that every goal can become possible, even one which is apparently unattainable.

Our vision is to give the sea its rightful importance, starting with a renewed commitment by the economy, politics and society to work towards this objective.

For this reason, we have designed an event that encompasses both reason and emotion, that makes you think and dream at the same time. It is a multifaceted event, which reveals the depth of the essence of the sea while staying focused on the human being, their dreams, their virtues and their hopes. It is told through the voice of history, the economy, the arts, anthropology, culture, politics, music, cinema and society, in an approach which is as multidisciplinary as the many aspects of the sea.

The event takes place every year in Marciana Marina, an ancient fishing village on the Island of Elba, in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago, which is a favoured observation point for the sea and its themes. It is organised by the Acqua dell'Elba Foundation with the endorsement of the Unesco Decade of Ocean Science and the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, the Coast Guard - Port Authority, Ispra, ASVIS, Federparchi, the Tuscany Region, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, IULM University, the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Symbola, Legambiente, Marevivo, VisitElba, the Elba Island Youth Forum, the Municipality of Livorno, the Municipality of Marciana Marina, Pro Loco Marciana Marina, the Municipality of Marciana, the Municipality of Portoferraio, the Municipality of Campo nell'Elba, the Municipality of Capoliveri, the Municipality of Porto Azzurro, and the Municipality of Rio.


The structure of the event, which will be held over three days, from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 July 2022, includes educational, recreational, artistic, scientific and informative activities. Below is the structure of a typical day in more detail:

  • Morning: vivi/seɪf/ - educational and recreational activities for children organised with Legambiente - Tuscan Archipelago section
  • Late afternoon: workshops/seɪf/ in-depth seminars on cultural, social and political issues and significant case histories.
  • Evening: live/seɪf/ - informative and themed evenings.


The theme for the fifth edition of Seif is "Transitions". The three-day activities will focus on the paths to be taken to achieve full sustainability for the marine ecosystem, questioning how the environment, economy and society can work individually and synergistically to achieve this significant goal. The 2023 edition intends to gather many of the reflections, proposals and projects under discussion today to achieve sustainability objectives and apply them to the marine and island ecosystem, whose particular features can present both challenges and opportunities that have not yet been debated at a national and international level. Thanks to its geography, economic tradition, history and culture, Italy can be a forerunner in a real sustainable revolution starting from the sea: SEIF's 2023 edition focuses precisely on this, with workshops, training, themed evenings and shows.