Sea Essence International Festival is the first international festival dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the sea and its essence.

A preservation and appreciation to be intended as protection of the sea's environment, of its biodiversity and its species, but also of its beauty, its history and its contribution to the growth of cultures and societies. In essence, a preservation and appreciation of what it means for us to be human beings.


Our mission is to make people love the sea, because it is only through a true and authentic passion like love that every objective, even those that appear to be unachievable, becomes possible.


Our vision is to return to the sea its deservedly central role, starting from renewed efforts in economics, politics and society as a whole, all aiming towards this purpose.

For this reason, we thought of an event ranging from reason to emotion, which at same time is intended to make people think and dream about the sea.

An eclectic event, meant to discover the deepness of the essence of the sea whilst keeping a central focus on the human being, its dreams, virtues and aspirations. Narrated with the voice of history, economics, arts, anthropology, culture, politics, music, cinema and society as a whole, with such a inclusive approach as to welcome all the souls of the sea.


The event is organised by Acqua dell'Elba with the backing of Legambiente, Regione Toscana (Regional Administration of Tuscany), the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano (Tuscan Archipelago National Park), IULM University and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Brera art academy in Milan).

The gathering will take place in Marciana Marina, and ancient coastal hamlet on Isola d'Elba at the center of the Thyrrenian sea, certainly a privileged vantage point to ponder the sea and its related themes.