Between Future Landscapes and Safeguard of the Sea: the Acqua dell'Elba Foundation Presents the Programme for SEIF 2022

The Acqua dell'Elba Foundation hereby officially presents the programme for SEIF - Sea Essence International Festival, taking place from the 8th to the 10th of July on Isola d'Elba. A unique occasion to discover, through various initiatives, concrete models of development and safeguard of the sea and of its essence. Sustainability starting from below, from the territory for the territory, built through cultural debates over the future of the sea, in line with the goals outlined by Agenda 2030.

From the 8th to the 10th of July, Isola d'Elba will once again serve as the privileged backdrop for the rich programme of activities organised within the ambit of the SEIF - Sea Essence International Festival.
This year in its fourth edition, SEIF is organised by the Acqua dell'Elba Foundation with the support of Regione Toscana, the municipalities of Marciana Marina, Marciana, and Portoferraio, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, IULM University, the Arts Academy of Brera, VisitElba and Legambiente as the first international festival dedicated to the safeguard and development of the sea and of its essence. Once again this year, the background of the event will be provided by the ancient Elban fishing hamlet of Marciana Marina, a certainly privileged observation point to survey the sea and all of its related topics.

'For the Acqua dell'Elba Foundation, the protection and development of territory and of its beauty are fundamental objectives. SEIF represents a crucial step in the Foundation's actions in this direction', underlines Fabio murzi,, President of the Acqua dell'Elba Foundation.

This year's unifying trait for the festival will be the theme of "Future Landscapes", that is to say the "Landscapes" (whether real or metaphorical) we would like to "see" realised - from a naturalistic, environmental, technological, and societal point of view - in the near future.

As in past editions, the festival will be animated by three different souls: an educational one, with morning and afternoon formative programmes for kids organised by Legambiente; a scientific one, with debates and seminars starting at 18:00; and finally, an informative one, through evenings dedicated to cinema, theatre and music intended to disseminate a new culture of the sea. A trait, the connection to cultural promotion, which has now become distinctive of the event.

Kickstarting the event on the 8th of July will be the workshop "Transitions and New Landscapes", moderated by the SkyTG24 journalist Tonia Cartolano and subdivided in two seminars: "New Landscapes and New Societies" (18:30 - 19:30) and "Future Marine Landscapes" (19:30 - 20:30). Opening the workshop will be Fabio Murzi and Norman Larocca, organisers of SEIF, the Mayors of Marciana Marina, Marciana and Portoferraio, Gabriella Allori, Simone Barbi and Angelo Zini, Francesca Santoro, specialist of the IOC-UNESCO programme and head of Ocean literacy under the Decade of Sea Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) of the United Nations, as well as Giampiero Sammuri, President of Federparchi.

Following will be the debate: what will be the landscapes that characterise our cities, our rural areas, our coasts and seas in the future? Which balance will need to be struck between energetic necessities and protection of landscapes? These questions and more will try to be answered by our numerous guests and experts: Cecilia Cellai, member of the ASviS secretariat; Jonathan Parker, Senior Expert, DG Environment, European Commission; Alberto Improda, Member of the Board of Directors at the ESG European Institute; Alberto D'Alessandro, Expert of Corporate Communication, previously Director of the European Council's Italian Office; Maria Cristina Galli, Vice-Director of the Arts Academy of Brera; Maurizio Burlando, Director of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park; Michele Manigrasso, Editorial Director of Seascape; Umberto Mazzantini, Head of the Marine Department at Legambiente Toscana; Antonella Querci, Director of Development of European Programs and Innovation of the High Tyrrhenian Port System Authority.

Lastly, it will be cinema to enliven the evening thanks to the medium-length film Beyond, a voyage in the future, as it was imagined through the ages in cinema. Realised by Andrea Capobianco, IULM University, Beyond is a film documentary enquiring into the relationship between cinema and the future, its ability to help us "visualise" and "focus on our tomorrow".

Activities will start at 10 A.M. on Saturday the 9th of July, kicked off by the recreational and educational activities prepared for kids in collaboration with Legambiente Tuscan Archipelago Section: the younger ones will discover the food chain which begins with marine microorganisms, animal migrations caused by adaptation to climatic changes, there will be talk of plastic and other sea waste in order to raise awareness of these topics.

The pre-evening event will give a voice to Future Societies and the role women play in the safeguard of the ocean. This seminar, moderated by the journalist Diana de Marsanich, will host a panel of experts discussing the importance of women's role in the protection of the marine environment. Indeed, there will be interventions by the Hon. Rossella Muroni, member of parliament, vice-president of the VIII Commission (Environment, Territory and Public Works), Marta Musso, winner of the IOC-UNESCO "Woman of the Sea" award, Alessandra Nardini, Councilor of Regione Toscana for education, professional formation, university and research, employment, international relations and specific policies, Daniela Addis, President of Generazione Mare, Alessandra Rando, Director of Isola d'Elba High Schools, Federico Massimo Ceschin, President of SIMTUR and European Climate Pact Ambassador, Marzia Camarda, Cultural Entrepreneur, Independent Consultant of the Mixed Group of the Lower House of Parliament and Expert of didactics and gender equality, Johanna Wiedling, MsC - Scientific Collaborator and Expedition Leader Italy, AQUEIS / Sail and Explore Association.

The evening will continue with the theatrical spectacle "One Wise Girl. Gianni Rodari and Female Role Models". An "anti-conventional representation of the relationship between men and women" which analyses, through Rodari's texts, the five main themes denoting relationships between men and women: the body, employment, the couple, family, and educational models. The spectacle thus manages to reunite the recreational and literary dimension, connected to Rodari's texts, with an educational one as well, connected to family roles and empowerment.

The morning of the 10th of July will open with activities for children and kids (10 A.M.). This time the voyage will be through time, with our gaze aimed towards an unknown future, with the intention to understand changes dictated by natural timescales and balances, as opposed to those imposed by humanity.

The inauguration (18:30) of the Art Exhibition "Future Landscapes", in Portoferraio, will open the doors of the festival's last evening. The exhibition, realised within the context of the Acqua dell'Elba Arts Prize, was developed in collaboration with the Arts Academy of Brera in order to bring the public's attention to 20 visionary works by 20 young talents of the Arts Academy of Brera.

Under the starry skies of Marciana Marina, at 21:30, SEIF will then conclude on a good note thanks to the Gaudats Junk Band. A special project by Daniele Guidotti, this band plays self-made instruments. This group of old friends with the most disparate musical experiences creates an artistic "melting pot" which gives rise to an extremely peculiar sound. The concert will take place in collaboration with the Proloco and the Municipality of Marciana Marina.

Acqua dell'Elba is a family enterprise founded 22 years ago Fabio Murzi, Chiara Murzi and Marco Turoni. Born with the idea of enclosing within a bottle the essence of the sea around Elba, the company, a benefit corporation since 2021, is today present on the market with 24 flagship stores in Italy, 3 abroad and a distribution network numbering approximately 700 perfumeries disseminated all over national and international territories. Acqua dell'Elba is committed in support of sustainability through multiple projects, among which Seif - Sea Essence International Festival, the first international festival dedicated to the safeguard and development of the sea and of its essence, as well as Elba 2035, a listening and engagement project aimed at the territory for the purpose of starting specific projects with the objective of making Isola d'Elba even more attractive and sustainable by 2035.

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