Elba2035: Let’s Build Together Our Sustainable Future

Elba2035: Let’s Build Together Our Sustainable Future

Elba2035: Let’s Build Together Our Sustainable Future

Elba2035: Let's Build Together Our Sustainable Future

What are the features of a sustainable tourism model capable of evolving the quality of life of the local residents? Which are the elements of the territorial identity to be developed so that the island may be seen as a sustainable destination for its inhabitants, guests, innovators and entrepreneurs? Which are the natural characteristics and attractions of the local territory that should be safeguarded and developed to improve the appeal of Isola d'Elba, positioning the island as it deserves on an international level? Three questions for a better future, posed to the whole island, in different phases throughout a process that will last almost a whole year. Three questions for the future of Isola d'Elba, though they are also valid for any territorial entity pondering today "what will tomorrow look like"?

Coordinated by EY, a global professional management consultancy network, the Elba2035 project is unstoppable. Regardless of the difficult situation created by the emergency in the health sector, forcing us to postpone many of the scheduled activities such as the third edition of SEIF, Elba2035 maintains a steady course towards its target: drafting a Manifesto for the Sustainable Development of Isola d'Elba in order to turn sustainability into an integral, pivotal part of the local development and territorial marketing strategy. All this, starting from listening to the voices and expectations of the islands' most important players, people who have a crucial role in this process. Indeed, Elba2035 has attracted the participation of the most important stakeholders from the worlds of politics, culture, environment, tourism and education from Isola d'Elba and beyond. Among these, all of the island's local municipal administrations, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Legambiente Arcipelago (an environmental association of national importance), the Isola d'Elba Foundation ("Fondazione Isola d'Elba"), as well as the main associations and economic drivers of the territory, students and citizens alike.

The first steps of the 2020 edition already took place in February, with EY's interview of 9 important stakeholders of the island, supplemented by 3 prestigious external speakers: Enrico Giovannini, economist and President of ASviS (Alleanza Italiana Sviluppo Sostenibile - the "Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development"), Francesco Petracchini, researcher at CNR (Italy's National Research Centre) and scientific populariser, as well as Luca Mercalli, meteorologist and scientific populariser. From this first round of consultations we already have, aside from a first image of the island in 2035, the main subject areas and key points over which the next encounters will focus. Differently as initially planned, these encounters will take place on the following days:

  • 19 October (start date for the involved stakeholders);
  • 10 December (second intermediate milestone encounter);
  • 26 March (conclusion of activities and finalisation of the draft Sustainability Manifesto)

The Manifesto is therefore scheduled to be presented during the third edition of SEIF, planned for the days from the 2nd to the 4th of July 2021.

'Elba2035 is a project involving great commitment to contribute to the growth and evolution of Isola d'Elba, as well as of us Elbans.' - states Fabio Murzi, President of Acqua dell'Elba, the company behind the whole initiative. 'We see this as our duty towards a territory which has inspired us and which we are grateful for. We hope the project may contribute to the achievement of a shared vision, and that it may become a driver for growth towards a better future'.

To keep the interest alive and provide a line of continuity with the work already performed up to February 2020, #Elba2035 will also be anticipated by the introductory debate webinar taing place on the 1st of July, titled "Sustainable Development: How Much Value Resides in Local Territories? A Shared Vision and Co-creation of Local Initiatives for Italy's Relaunch". This event will also be attended by some of the players involved in the workshops starting in October.

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