Vivi/seɪf/ consists of a series of recreational and educational activities organised by Legambiente as follows:

  • Morning activities (10AM - 12AM): open participation to the Vele Spiegate activity, the initiative through which Legambiente intends to raise the awareness of the public on the issues of sea and beach pollution. During the course of the three mornings of the event, cleaning and awareness activities will take place on the 3 major beaches of the hamlet hosting the festival. Assovetro is the partner of this activity.
  • Afternoon activities (3PM - 5 PM): recreational and formative activities for kids and teens organised by Legambiente, and informational activities for adults.

APERO/SEIF/debate for "aperitivo"

Apero/seɪf/ a debate taking place during an aperitivo over cultural, social and political issues as well as significative case studies. Maurizio di Maggio, from Radio Monte Carlo, will perform the role of moderator.

As far as concerns debates on cultural, social and political issues, as well as significative case studies, the themes of the three evenings on which the 2018 edition of the event will focus are the following:

  • Day 1 - The marine roots of Europe: the preservation of the sea's beauty; the appreciation of its culture;
  • Day 2 - #beseif. What about you? The beauty of the sea (re)starts from ourselves.
  • Day 3 - Beauty will save the world...and the sea: Art, Literature, Music and Museums at the service of a culture of the sea.


Live/seɪf/ consist of themed nights in which the theme of the beauty of the sea will be narrated and declaimed through specifically coreographed entertainment shows.

The themes of the three nights will be:

  • Day 1 - Live/seɪf/ - cine/seɪf/ - A sea to be loved. The best short films and the winners of the short film prize of the Aqua Film Festival 2018
  • Day 2 - docu/seɪf/ - The beauty of the sea: narration and preservation. The best stories about the beauty of sea, the most captivating documentaries, the most peculiar narrations; the individual and collective efforts to preserve it and promote it. Presented by Tessa Gelisio, Mediaset.
  • Day 3 - art'music/seɪf/ - Sea, society, arts, music, culture and literature. An evening of live readings from famous literary works themed around the sea and its beauty, with musical accompaniment. Readings by Mauro Ferraresi; Music by Jacopo Taddei.