Vivi/seɪf/ consists of a series of recreational and educational activities organised by Legambiente as follows:

  • Morning activities (10 - 12 AM):Guest involvement in the activities performed by Vele Spiegate, the initiative through which Legambiente is raising awareness about the theme of sea and beach pollution. During the course of the 3 mornings spanning the event duration, clean-up and promotional activities will take place across the main beaches of the festival area.
  • Morning walks guided by Legambiente Arcipelago across the trails of the island of Elba.
  • Afternoon activities (3PM - 5 PM): recreational and formative activities for kids and teens organised by Legambiente, and informational activities for adults.


A moment of debate about cultural, social and political themes as well as relevant case histories. To conclude the event, guests will be offered a tasting buffet featuring a range of typical products from the territory, curated by Elba Taste

As far as concerns debates on cultural, social and political issues, as well as significative case studies, the themes of the three evenings on which the 2018 edition of the event will focus are the following:

  • Day 1 - Islands Plastic Free: from Plastic Islands to Islands Without Plastic. Presentation of the draft agreement for an "Elba Island Without Plastic"
  • Day 2 - Parks and Protected Marine Environments: a Framework for a Shared Conservation Strategy-building Process. The case of the International Porpoise Sanctuary
  • Day 3 - Beauty Will Save the World...and the Sea: Art, Literature and Music at the Service of a Culture of the Sea.


Live/seɪf/ consist of themed nights in which the theme of the beauty of the sea will be narrated and declaimed through specifically coreographed entertainment shows.

The themes of the three nights will be:

  • 1st evening - Live/seɪf/ - cine/seɪf/ - A Sea to Be Loved. Passion and sea in cinema. All the masterpieces which made us love the sea. Curated by IULM University.
  • 2nd evening - docu/seɪf/ - The Beauty of the Sea: Storytelling and Safeguarding. The most fascinating stories, the most captivating documentaries, curated by National Geographic.
  • 3rd evening - music/seɪf/ - Nick The Nightfly 5tet in concert for SEIF.

Every evening will involve students taking part in the school - employment exchange program Redazione Natura, organised by the National Park and Infopark, who will help share the SEIF content and emotions through communications actions on social media.

All of the events will be filmed live by the director Stefano Muti, and subsequently hosted on the website